In practice, Keycoders have come across far many more reasons. Yet here, we point out our top 5 reasons to get a duplicate car key. They point out how that can save you time, money and peace of mind. It is so easy to put off doing so when there are so many activities pressing on your time. It maybe that you never had a second car key when you got your vehicle, or perhaps over time one of your keys is damaged. Whatever the reason, we discuss why it is important not to leave you and your passengers exposed.

5 Reasons to Get a Duplicate Car Key

Firstly a duplicate key is your backup. If you lose your only key, just give some thought to the potential implications. Having a second key can save you from being locked out of your vehicle. No need to call a locksmith out either. Then just think if it happens when you aren’t close to home. Perhaps with work or a family day out. If that location is an unfamiliar area too, what would you do? How would you findĀ  a reputable vehicle locksmith? What if it is late at night? It may even be that you would have to leave the car there and find a way home. All great reasons for that backup key.


Taking a more positive angle on it, having a spare key makes it far easier if you have a second insured driver in your family. No worries about having to swap a single key. Of course, avoiding the scenario where the individual not needing the key has gone for some time with it in their pocket. Ever had one of those days where you know your key is in the house but just cannot find it wherever you look? Well that second key would certainly come in handy then. Especially so if you have a deadline to meet.

Saving you Money

Getting a duplicate key made is one thing. Yet having to replace your only key if lost is another problem all together. The cost of getting a second key is invariably much cheaper than replacing your lost key. Keys can be extremely complex these days. It’s all about spending less now to save in the longer term.

Prevention of Wear and Tear

Frequently using a single key can lead to wear and tear over time. A side effect of that is the potential to cause a malfunction or breakage. Having a spare key allows you to alternate between them, extending the lifespan of both keys. Even the simple tasks of replacing the battery and opening the fob to do so has a weakening effect over time.

Peace of Mind

Last in our short list of five reasons is peace of mind. Arguably never more so than when traveling long distances. Don’t risk it ruining your day out to North Wales, the Lakes, Peak District or wherever your destination is. Not easy to get hold of a locksmith in such places, particularly when it’s a bank holiday day out.

What Independet Experts Say...

Don’t just take Keycoder’s word for it. Take a look at what others such as the Car Expert advise too. There more sage advice is of course, dont let the issues happen in the first place.

If Keycoder’s 5 reasons to get a duplicate car key have yet to make you act. Reflect that overall, investing in a duplicate car key is a small precaution that can save you time, money, and stress in the long run. If you choose a local company like LMH Keycoders, then you know you can get hold of us easily for any follow up service. Why not save our number in your phone for future use. You never know when it may come in handy.

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